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SOAN 262: Anthropology of Health and Illness

For Professor Pamela Feldman Savelsberg - Winter 2020

Online Bookmarks

One way to help stay on top of all of the information you find online is to use online bookmarks, or social bookmarks. Here is a list of bookmarking tools that you can use. 

Note: Zotero is a good tool for keeping track of and taking notes on web sites.  It is more powerful that these other tools but not as easily portable: use it on your own computer.

Saving, Organizing, and Formatting Citations

Handwritten notes are great (but hard to back up), and copy-pasted links are fine, but if you want something a little more searchable, re-usable, and less easily lost, here are some options for saving and organizing your research documents. Plus, these tools help automate the formatting of your citations for your paper. These are especially useful for students writing (or thinking about writing) comps.



Citation Style in Anthropology

The citation style for Anthropology is the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). It is very complex, which can be confusing, but it is also comprehensive and provides guidance on most questions. Use the online guide to the CMS for detailed help.