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POSC 212: Environmental Justice

Professor Kim Smith - Winter 2022

Local News Sources

Three of the library's newspaper databases give you the ability to search smaller, local news sources. The most efficient way to search these is to narrow to sources by location. This page demonstrates how to do so in each newspaper database. 

Images on this page are small. Right click and view image in another tab to see them more clearly.

Access World News Local Sources

Advantages: large number of local newspapers and news affiliate transcripts. Coverage for many newspapers goes back to the 90's. Intuitive search interface. 

1. From the first search page, click 'Map Search' under the search box.

2. Scroll down under the map that loads and click the button labeled 'USA Source Locator Map.'

3. Click the state of interest on the map or the list that appear. If you would like to see what sources are from that state, click the link in the list with the number of sources. Add your keywords and search.

Screenshot of state limiter in Access World News

NexisUni Local Sources

Advantages: NexisUni contains a large amount of legal sources in addition to news sources, which can make searching more efficient when you are interested in both kinds of sources.

NexisUni is more powerful than it may first seem. Use the steps below to narrow to specific sources within it.

Screenshot example of search screen in NexisUni

Limit to Local Sources


Factiva Local Sources

Advantages: Factiva favors business and industry news and indexes every news story, which means you can filter by things like industry, business name, and even prominent individuals. Coverage of a small subset of titles in Factiva goes back further than other sources. 

Though the search box looks daunting, use these filters to target what you're looking for.

Screenshot of Factiva search page

Limit to local sources:

Source > All Sources > Select source category: By region > North America > United States > [the state you are interested in]

Notice the list of sources that appear if you click the plus sign next to the state to expand it. Source lists usually include a mix of newspapers and local news affiliate station transcripts and even some news-heavy web sites. Be sure to uncheck the "Exclude Discontinued Sources" for historical topics.

Example screenshot of news sources by state, with types labeled.

Double click a title to exclude it. Click the 'i' icon to read more information about a title.

Place your keywords in the box at the top. Unless searching on current topics, be sure to change the date range to All Dates or select a specific date range.

Screenshot of selecting the date range in Factiva

Also of Interest

Limit by Industry, Region, or Company

To search for government documents and government/policy-related documents:

Source > Select Source Category: By Type > [select an option like...]

  • Government and Politics
  • Official Government Sources
  • Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Think Tanks