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POSC 212: Environmental Justice

Professor Kim Smith - Winter 2021

Local Newspaper Databases

News Research Guides and Directories

Alternative and Ethnic Press

Strategy: Local News

1. Know what the local sources are.  Use indexes and directories (like Newslink) to help you know this information.

2. Use a newspaper index like Nexis Uni or Proquest to strategically search for articles across many newspapers or for a specific date.

3. Use the library resources to get to paid archives.

Advanced Google Searching

Knowing these Google operators often helps you to uncover more relevant documents, such as nonprofit briefs, trade newsletters, and more.   Here are some tips.

Operator What It Does
~ (tilda) searches for synonyms
inurl:gov; inurl:org; inurl:edu searches only these domains
filetype:pdf; filetype:xls; filetype:ppt searches for only these types of documents (2008..2009) searches for documents relevant to those years searches for documents only at Carleton's domain

1. "hurricane katrina" "new orleans" ~environment ~race 2009..2010 
2. ~katrina "new orleans" ~environment ~minorities inurl:gov filetype:pdf 2009..2010
3. "new orleans" katrina ~environment data 2010

Tips from Google on these techniques and more.