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ENTS 100: Mining & the Environment

Professor Trish Ferrett - Fall 2017

Why use books and reference sources?

Lots of reasons!

  • Books often provide a broader take on a topic than a narrow research article.
  • Books in the library are usually scholarly sources and thus appropriate for your papers.
  • Scholarly books in the library usually have bibliographies, which provide you with an expert's list of must-read articles and books on your topic.
  • Reference resources (books, articles, websites) can serve as quick, useful introductions to big topics. They also have bibliographies you can use to further your research.

Suggested Resources

Search Catalyst for Books & Reference Articles

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Online Reference Sources

Suggested subject headings

Our library uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize our books by assigning them subject headings. You can use these when you search the catalog to more easily find relevant books. Some examples for this class, including subjects to add to your search to make it more precise:

  • Gold mines and mining
  • Gold
  • Mines and mineral resources
  • Diamond mines and mining
  • Mineral industries
  • Copper mines and mining
  • Hazardous waste sites
  • Environmental aspects