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ENTS 100: Mining & the Environment

Professor Trish Ferrett - Fall 2017

Zotero And EndNote

You will always need to look over and edit your citations even if you use a robust citation tool, but these tools are very useful to tracking and organizing your research.

Other citation tools

Looking for Noodle Tools, EasyBib, and the like? We encourage you to try Zotero or EndNote (above) because of their robustness and their good data privacy practices.

If you're looking for help with tools other than Zotero and EndNote, here are some useful links:

Major Style Guides

Other Style Guides

Saving What You Find Online

Nothing's worse than copying down a URL incorrectly, or putting a bunch of web sites into one browser's bookmarks and then moving to another computer. These tools help solve these problems.

Tools for Searching, Organizing, and Note-taking: A Comparison

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