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BIOL 126: Energy Flow in Biological Systems

Professors Annie Bosacker, Daniel Hernández, David Hougen-Eitzman, Mike Nishizaki, and Matt Rand

Installing Word and Excel

If you don't already have Microsoft Word installed on your laptop, follow these instructions to install Word BEFORE you install Zotero. You can install Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite at the same time.

Uninstall previous versions of Office

Office 365 - Especially For Students

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students can use and/or Download Microsoft Office for free through Office 365. Simply log in at with your Carleton email address and then select "Install Office."

If you are not seeing the Zotero toolbar in Microsoft Word...

If you have installed Zotero but cannot see the Zotero toolbar in Word, you may need to do one more step to get the programs to talk to each other.

FIRST: Make sure Word is installed but NOT running on your computer. If the program is running, Quit it rather than just closing the windows.

  1. In the Zotero program, click on the "Edit" menu (PC) or the "Zotero" menu (Mac) and choose "Preferences"
  2. In the Preferences menu, click "Cite," then within the "Cite" page, click the "Word Processors" tab
  3. Click "Reinstall Microsoft Word add-in"
  4. Proceed through the installation process