In This Guide

  • Definitions & Discographies
    Search the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and find out our main discography sources.

  • Finding Recordings & Reviews
    We have recordings at the Gould Library, at the Music Resource Center, at St. Olaf's music library, and online. Look here for access and tips. I've also gathered the best starting points for finding reviews of recordings and performances.

  • Finding Scores & Manuscripts
    Here's how to get your hands on the actual music itself.

  • Finding Critical Analysis
    Points toward the obvious and the not-so-obvious places to find scholarly analysis.

  • Finding Contexts and History
    Music doesn't happen in a vacuum. Find out about biography, autobiography, history, and culture. Also lists places to search for the sources for lyrics.

  • Other Important Things To Know
    There's a lot of specialized vocabulary in music research. This page includes and explanation of "Thematic Catalogs" and gives tips on translating Catalyst for music research, and on finding the full text of an article or book if all you have is a citation.

  • Keeping Track
    We've all done it: found something PERFECT only to forget exactly where we saw it, or to note down all the citation information. Here are some tools to help you so you never have to do that again.

Quick Links and New Stuff

Using St. Olaf's Music Library

To listen to St. Olaf recordings, you will have to physically go to St. Olaf's music library.

You can request that circulating books, journals, and scores be sent here by searching for them in Catalyst, requesting materials when you find what you want, and following the directions. Non-circulating items (like encyclopedias and other reference works) can't be sent here, though, so you'll have to go to St. Olaf to see them.

Here is information about a free shuttle to St. Olaf.


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