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Finding Scores

Common Call Numbers

Just want to browse for scores in the library? Here are the most popular call numbers. You'll find our scores downstairs on 2nd in both the regular and the oversized sections.

  • M 3 : Collected Works by composer
  • M 20 - M39 : Music for solo piano



  • To find literature about music in Catalyst, search for your composer as a Subject rather than Author. You can also search for major forms of music as a subject. You can further refine your search by doing an Advanced Search, entering your composer's name as a Subject, and entering phrases like the following as a Subject:
    • History and Criticism
    • Interpretation (Phrasing, Dynamics, Etc.)
    • Analysis, Appreciation
  • Did you know that scholarly biographies often include critical analysis of that composer or performer's work? It's true! Often the easiest way to find these parts of the book is to flip to the index at the back and see if your piece is listed there.

Biography and Autobiography

  • Catalyst (or WorldCat)
    Search for your composer (last name first) and the word "biography" or "autobiography." This works best in the Advanced Search form, so that you can put your composer's name in as an Author search, and "biography" or "autobiography" in the next box as a Subject search.

  • Browsing the Stacks

    • ML410: Biographies of composers

    • ML417: Biographies of pianists

Article Databases