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Environmental Studies


Because environmental issues are constantly changing, it's important to consult current periodical (journal, magazine & newspaper) literature in addition to books.

The best way to find articles is through our Databases & Indexes. We have a lot of databases that cover environmental topics. Some specific databases that may be useful in particular cases are listed on this page. Since environmental studies is an interdisciplinary topic, the database you choose will depend on your research topic.

Environmental Studies articles

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Newspaper articles

Policy Papers and White Papers

The following indexes allow you to search for articles relevant to public policy research on the environment or for position papers, briefs, and conference materials published by policy institutes. Some are interdisciplinary, while others are focused primarily on the environment. Follow the link for examples of policy papers from the OECD.

Economic, Sociological, and Politics-Related Articles:

Scientific and Technical Articles:

Multidisciplinary Databases

The following databases index popular magazines as well as some scholarly journals. Often the full text of the articles is included.