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Environmental Studies

Web of Science

Web of Science is a large index of science, social science, and arts articles from scholarly journals. 

Web of Science is highly valued as one of few citation indexes.  The citations of each article in Web of Science are also indexed and cross-referenced.  You can use Web of Science to trace citations of a given article, author, or topic over time.

Cited Reference Searching in Web of Science

1. Select "Cited Reference Search" from the search options drop-down menu.

2. Look up the journal name from your citation in the journal abbreviation list.

3. Type in the citation information.  Be sure to abbreviate the author and journal correctly, or you will not get results.  Hit "search".

4. Check the boxes next to the author and work that match your citation. Some of the information may vary slightly (such as page numbers) but select each box that matches the author, work, year, and volume.  You may also want to select nearby years since citations to the work may have mistakes. You can remove duplicated citations later. Hit "finish".

5. Now you have your citing articles. You can sort your results by "times cited" or refine further using the faceted terms on the left. Click the "times cited" of one of the citing articles to find even more articles that might interest you.  There are a lot of avenues for analysis within these results.