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Wellness and Relaxation Resources

Mindfulness and Meditation

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, mindfulness is, "A mental state or attitude in which one focuses one's awareness on the present moment while also being conscious of, and attentive to, this awareness." Basically, mindfulness is a way of slowing your body and mind down by becoming aware of the present moment. 

Mindfulness, including specific practices like mindfulness meditation, is a popular ways to cope with racing thoughts, anxiety, and stress. When you are feeling sad about something in the past or anxious about the future, take a moment to focus on the present moment.

Citation: "mindfulness, n." OED Online, Oxford University Press, June 2022, 

Mindfulness Practices

image of 5 mindfulness exercises you can do anywhere - body scan, mindful seeing, mindful listening, mindful breathing, and 5 sense exercise.

image of mindful breathing techniques

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Guided Meditations

image of mindful meditation techniques

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