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Data, Datasets, and Statistical Resources

Deciding How You'll Work With Your Data

The ways you plan to work with your data create important constraints in the process of looking for existing data or in the process of gathering data. When working with a librarian to find data, it helps to be able to answer questions about how you will be working with the data after you've found it. The purpose of this page is to highlight the range of resources available for working with data at different stages of the process. You can use these resources to learn more on your own, or seek help from professors or other campus resources who can provide more in-depth assistance. 

Cleaning Data

Help Managing Your Data

Contact Paula Lackie, Academic Technologies Team,
Phone: x5607
Email: (use a descriptive subject line) plackie [at] carleton [dot] edu
Where: Leighton 225.

Learn to Code

These beginner tutorials are primarily aimed at students who have never coded before or are trying to learn a new programming language.



Manuals for SPSS are electronic only and can be found on Collab at the following path: Courses\Tools\SPSS Manuals.


Manuals for Stata are print only. There is a set in the Reference Room, 4th floor Libe, in the small wooden bookshelf near the Research/IT Desk.