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Data, Datasets, and Statistical Resources

Academic Researchers

Many researchers want to make their data available to others to replicate their findings, provide transparency, and to encourage secondary research using their data. Here are some places to consider when looking for replication data.

  • Author's academic web sites
    • Pippa Norris is my favorite example.
    • Search Google for the researcher's name and 'site:edu' (without quotes)
    • Look for areas of their page called data, datasets, data sets, or replication data
  • Journal web sites
    • Identify journals that publish a large amount of applied empirical research. Ask a librarian or your professor for help.
    • Example: Journal of Peace Research
    • Go directly to their web sites and look for sections labeled data, datasets, data sets, or replication data
    • Gary King at Harvard maintains of list of journals with replication data policies (scroll to the bottom)
  • Scholarly association web sites
  • The Annals of Applied Statistics journal maintains a large collection of replication data