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Data, Datasets, and Statistical Resources

Data Visualization Resources

What is Lynda?

Carleton has purchased subscriptions. All students, faculty, and staff now have access to hundreds of tutorials and thousands of videos. You can use it in your office or dorm room, in the classroom, at home, at the coffee shop, or even abroad. Most videos range in length from 2-8 minutes. Although, most videos are a part of a larger ~ 2-hour tutorial. You can use (linked below) as a way to learn a lot about a software program or subject (Photoshop, for instance, or design principles), and/or as a way to answer a specific question about a particular application or subject (How do I format a table in Excel 2010?).

The purpose of this page is to give an overview of options for visualizing data and to provide resources for learning more. If you want help learning how to create data visualizations, you can learn on your own with the resources here, or get help from your professors or campus resources such as the Data Squad and the Statistical Consulting Center.

Visually Explore, Find, Download Existing Data

Finding Word Trends Across Large Bodies of Text

Creating Worthwhile Visualizations



Google Sheets