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ECON 284: Economic Development in Japan

For Professor Bruce Dalgaard - Fall 2012

Magazine Coverage

World Papers in Library Databases

You can often access today's articles through Google searches or on newspapers' web sites.  But to be able to search the archives without cost to you, and to have complex search engines at your fingertips, it's often helpful to use our major newspaper collections:

English Language Newspapers From Japan/With Articles About Japan

Asia in general: 

BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific, 1998 to date;
Financial Times (London), 1996 to date;
Wall Street Journal Asia (Hong Kong), 1991-


Mainichi Daily News, 1996 to date;
Asahi Shimbun, 1997-2003


Daily Yomiuri, 1989-
Japan Times, 1998-
Japanese World, 2007- 

Providing news and fundamental data about companies listed on the Tokyo and other Japanese Stock Exchanges including Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Jasdaq. A broad coverage of Japanese company and industry related news including listed company releases, financial reports (IR info), joint ventures, contracts, expansions, new services, planning and strategies and industry trends/updates. It also covers the daily fund index.

Nikkei Weekly, 1980-