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ECON 395: International Economics

For Professor Prathi Seneviratne - comps 2014-15

Come get help

I'm Kristin, the librarian for economics. I meet with lots of students to help them during comps.  Make an appointment with me using my online scheduler or stop by while you're in the Libe. I'm by the wall rug in the Reference Room, 466.

Check in with Paula about managing your data.

Comps Research

This guide is designed to provide you with strategies and resource suggestions for the comps process. 

  1. Library FAQs
  2. Cited Reference Searching
  3. Finding Articles
  4. Keeping Track
  5. The Data Search
  6. Data

Developing a Topic


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Social Science Librarian
Schedule a Consultation - In Person or Online
4th Libe - Room 466