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Information and tips to effectively use the EndNote Program.

Cite While You Write (MS Word)

Word and EndNote can work together to add properly formatted citations to your papers.

In Word - Use the EndNote toolbar
  1. When you are writing and come to a point where you wish to insert a citation, click "Insert Citation"
    NOTE: If you are using a footnoted style, create the footnote and put your cursor there before clicking "Insert Citation"
  2. Find and select the reference(s) you wish to cite.
  3. Click "Insert"
    NOTE: You can click the downward arrow next to "Insert" to modify how the citation will appear.
  4. EndNote will insert your citation and begin your bibliography at the end of the paper.
  • Never try to edit your citations by typing in Word. Instead, update the reference information in EndNote, and then back in Word click "Bibliography" and then "Update Citations and Bibliography."
  • You can use "Edit & Manage Citations" to do things like exclude the author name or add a prefix or suffix to your citation.
  • There may be some things that you simply can't change about your citations within EndNote. If this happens, wait until your very last draft and then use the Word toolbar to click "Tools" and then "Convert to Plain Text." After this your document will be unlinked from EndNote and you'll be able to edit your citations by typing in Word.


Copy/Paste Formatted Reference

If you use Google Docs or if you're just generating a bibliography without also creating citations within the text of a paper, use this option.
NOTE: You will not be able to generate in-text citations or footnotes this way.

  1. In Endnote, select the citation style you prefer by going to the "Edit" menu, selecting "Output Style" and then "New Style..." and then the citation style you want.
    NOTE: Styles that have been modified at Carleton are marked with a CC at the end of the style name.
  2. Select the reference(s) that you want to have appear in your bibliography. (Hold down the Command key on a Mac or the Control key on Windows to select one at a time, or hold down the Shift key to select a range.)
  3. In the "Edit" menu, select "Copy Formatted"
  4. In your document, paste the items into your bibliography.


Format Paper (non-Word)

EndNote can take in any document in Rich Text Format and process it to generate citations for you. The video below walks you through the process of inserting citation codes so that EndNote will know which citations you need in your paper.

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