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Information and tips to effectively use the EndNote Program.

Author Name Orders

You may have to help EndNote know which words or names count as the author's "Last Name" in your bibliography. To do this, put a comma after the "last name" in your EndNote record. For example:

In Endnote How it will Look in your Bibliography
Stopford Sackville, John Stopford Sackville, John. "A Proposal."
University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota. "Environmental Report"


Multiple Authors

Enter author names in EndNote in the order in which they appeared on the publication. Enter one name per line, like so:

Depending on the citation style, EndNote will show various numbers of these authors, sometimes collapsing additional authors into "et al."

Journal Title Missing or Not Abbreviated

Many citation styles, particularly in the sciences, use abbreviated journal titles in their citations. In EndNote, enter this abbreviated journal title into the "Alternate Journal" field in the EndNote record.


Format and Name your Bibliography Page

In Word, you can change the way your bibliography looks using the EndNote toolbar.

Click Configure Bibliography, and then click Layout.

Most citation styles do NOT required additional space between reference entries. Instead, they rely on a 0.5-inch hanging indent to visually separate entries. Cell-CC, however, does require an additional single space after each entry.