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Information and tips to effectively use the EndNote Program.

Sync Your Library Across Computers

1) Create or verify your EndNote Online account

You will need this to be active in order to sync across multiple machines.

2) Set up Sync

  1. In EndNote on your computer, open the Preferences (under the "EndNote" menu on a Mac or the "Edit" menu on a Windows computer)
  2. In Preferences, select "Sync"
  3. Click "Enable Sync" and enter your EndNote Online account information (should be your Carleton email address and whatever password you chose)

3) Sync Your Library

  • If it does not do this automatically, go to Tools > Sync to sync your library.

Share Your Library with Someone

Remember that the other person/people must also be set up with the EndNote program and an EndNote Online account in order for Sharing to work.

1) Be sure that you are syncing with your EndNote Online account

See the other box on this page.

2) Share your Library or a Group

  • To share your whole library:
    In your EndNote program, go to File > Share and use the "Invite More People" area to enter the other person's email address.
  • To share just a portion of your library:
    In your EndNote program, make a Group (Groups > Create Group). Then right-click on the group and select Share Group.