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Ebooks at Carleton

A guide to the various ebook options at Carleton

What is HathiTrust?

The HathiTrust Digital Library includes ebooks of works made available through a global partnership of major research institutions and libraries. HathiTrust books can be searched in Catalyst or in HathiTrust Digital Library itself. Carleton is a member of this partnership, and our faculty, staff, and students (or other users on campus) may download any work in the public domain (published before 1923, generally) or read it in full online in a browser.

Where can I find HathiTrust?

You can always find a link to the library's HathiTrust subscription on the "Databases" tab on the library website. By linking to HathiTrust through the library website, you ensure that you are using our subscription (and have downloading privileges non-subscribers lack).

HathiTrust Fast Facts

HathiTrust ebooks can be found in Catalyst along with all of our other print books and ebooks. They appear in the “All Results” search in Catalyst as well as under a separate “Books” tab. Public domain (or "Full view") HathiTrust ebooks can be read in your browser or downloaded.

Fast facts:

  • Downloads (of public domain books only) are available as PDF files for users who are logged in.
  • PDF downloads are available by page or by the whole book (once you're logged in, just click on the appropriate button under "Get This Book" at the left of the page).
  • Downloaded PDF files do not expire.
  • The unformatted text of individual pages is available for public domain books under "Text Only Views" at the left of the page.
  • Users with a print disability may apply for access to complete, text-only version of books.

Supported devices: Any device with the ability to browse the Internet or open PDF files.