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Ebooks at Carleton

A guide to the various ebook options at Carleton

What are Project MUSE books?

Project MUSE books are ebooks made available through the Project MUSE publishing platform. Usually, you will be offered the choice of downloading specific chapters, rather than a whole book as you would on some other platforms. Project MUSE books can be searched directly in Catalyst, or in Project MUSE itself.

Where can I find Project MUSE?

You can always find a link to the library's Project MUSE subscription on the "Databases" tab on the library website. By linking to Project MUSE through the library website, you ensure that you are using our subscription.

Project MUSE Books Fast Facts

Project MUSE ebooks can be searched and read in the same way as Project MUSE articles. They appear in the “All Results” search  in Catalyst as well as under a separate “Books” tab. Ebooks can also be read in your browser.

Fast facts:

  • Downloads are available as PDF files only.
  • Downloads are by book chapter, rather than the whole book (although you could download each individual chapter to access the whole book if you chose).
  • Downloaded PDF files do not expire.
  • Access titles through the Project MUSE link on the library's database tab or through the library catalog. 

Supported devices: Any device with the ability to browse the Internet or open PDF files.