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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

We Speak

1989 - 2017 

As part of Black History Month celebrations, the Black Dramatic Arts Group (BDAG) would organize “We Speak” an annual performance of spoken word testimonies and skits that were written, produced, and acted by Carleton Students. The event was often held in February to coincide with Black History Month celebrations. This annual tradition began in 1989 and continued through the late 2010s, with the Black Student Alliance taking over coordinating the later years of the event. 


Year  Month  Title  Troupe 
1989   We Speak: Making a Place for Ourselves  BDAG
1990 Feb. We Speak: Remembering the Shadows (Shoulders) BDAG
1992 Feb. We Speak: Voices BDAG
1992 May We Speak: Identities BDAG and ASIA 
1993  Feb. We Speak BDAG
1998   We Speak BDAG
2000 Feb. We Speak BDAG
2002 Mar. We Speak BSA
2003 Feb. We Speak BSA
2004  Feb.  We Speak BSA
2006  Feb. We Speak BSA
2009 Feb.  We Speak BSA
2010 Feb. We Speak  BSA
2017  Feb.  We Speak BSA



February 10, 1989. page 8. BDAG presents annual performance. 

March 2, 1990. page 8. We Speak connects past and present. 

February 21, 1992. page 5. BDAG's Voices speaks straight from the heart. 

October 25, 1991. page 8. BDAG play puzzling 

February 28, 2003. page 8. We Speak! 

March 7, 2003. front. We Speak celebrates Black experience. 

March 7, 2003. page 9. Did We Speak? 

February 24, 2006. front. We Speak wraps up Black History Month. 

February 27, 2009. page 2. Black Student Alliance to present "We Speak". 

March 6, 2009. front. We Speak offers opportunity for student expression. 

February 26, 2010. page 2. "We Speak" celebrates African American heritage with student readings and performances. 

February 24, 2017. page 4. Black Student Alliance We Speak event honors Black History Month.