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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

BDAG Gallery

Black Dramatic Arts Group (BDAG)

1972 - 1996

Black Repertory Theater, Black Drama Workshop, Black Theater Arts Troupe

Initially founded in 1972 as Black Repertory Theater (BRT) this theater troupe put on productions that showcased Black experiences and Black talent. By 1974 the name was changed to Black Dramatic Arts Group although both names appear on performances throughout the 1970s.

"In White America" the 1968 production was a precursor to the Black Repertory Theater put on by NAC. 

The first "We Speak" events were organized and run by BDAG before they turned control over to BSA.  


List of the documented productions by BDAG between 1971 and 2009. 

Year  Month  Title  Troupe 
1967 Feb In White America  Black Drama Troupe 
1972  Spring  East 127th Street  Black Drama Workshop 
1972 May Wino  Black Repertory 
1973    A Better Chance  Black Repertory
1973  Nov. A Day of Absence  Black Repertory
1973  Nov.  The King of Soul or The Devil and Oatis Redding  Black Repertory
1974 Apr. No Place to Be Somebody  Black Repertory
1974  May  Ceremonies in Dark Old Men 

Black Repertory

1974  Oct.  Macbett Black Repertory 
1974  Nov.  A Raisin in the Sun  Black Repertory
1976  Apr.  The Blacks  BDAG
1977 Apr. The River Niger  BDAG
1979  Apr.  BDAG Alive BDAG
1980  Feb.  Contributions


1980 Feb.  A Day of Absence 


1983 Feb.  Blues for Mister Charlie (radio show) BDAG
1985 May 

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf

1988 May  Split Second BDAG
1989 Jan.  Master Harold and the Boys BDAG
1989  Sep. Requiem for Brother X BDAG
1989  Nov.  Women Cry in No Man's Land BDAG
1990 May  The Colored Museum BDAG
1990  Sep.  Junkies are Full of Shhh!  BDAG
1990  Nov. The Tapestry  BDAG
1991  Oct.  as/black BDAG
1991 Nov. Guns, Ropes, and Lies  BDAG
1993  Apr. Radical Colors  BDAG
1993  Oct. BDAG Show BDAG
1994  May Fences  BDAG
1996    Radical Colors BDAG


Office of Multicultural Affairs - Student Organizations - BDAG 

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August 22, 1968. Page 2. False Racial Sophistication? 

November 18, 1971. page 4. Black Repertory Theater. 

October 26, 1972. page 3. The Glamorous Present. 

October 25, 1973. page 2. Troupe presents 'Raisin'. 

November 8, 1973. page 4. Oration for Raisin. 

April 25, 1974. page 10. "No Place to Be Somebody". 

May 2, 1974. page 5. Black Arts Troupe to stage comedy. 

May 15, 1975. page 6. Full scale absurdity. 

June 3, 1976. page 8. Of Bach, Bachhae, Bartok, Blacks, Butley, Brecht. 

May 2, 1977. page 3. 'Finding one's own battlefield' well-conveyed in The River Niger. 

February 29, 1980. page 13. BDAG contributes tonight. 

May 21, 1982. page 2. Reagonomics hit BDAG. 

February 25, 1983. page 10. BDAG presents radio drama on KRLX. 

May 10, 1985. page 15. Benefit concert features dance and drama. 

May 15, 1987. page 12. "Soldier's Play" touches issues with "commendable intensity". 

May 20, 1988. page 5. BDAG presents play with "moral dilemma". 

May 11, 1990. page 11. BDAG exhibits flair, ingenuity. 

September 28, 1990. page 7. BDAG one-act opens: By any means necessary. 

November 2, 1990. page 8. BDAG excels at Nourse. 

February 1, 1991. page 7. BDAG, Bill T. Jones highlight Black History Month. 

October 25, 1991. page 7. Many questions, few answers in as/black. 

May 15, 1992. page 7. BDAG and ASIA tag team in Identities. 

April 30, 1993. page 7. Radical Colors splash Arena this weekend. 

February 4, 1994. page 7. BDAG speaks out to the Carleton community. 

May 6, 1994. page 7. BDAG Returns to Nourse.

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