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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

1999 - Present

The Black Student Alliance continues the work of SOUL to this day. BSA is "dedicated to enhancing the lives of Black students at Carleton through personal development, community action, and social events." By hosting events ranging from speakers to community bonding the organization supports the Black community on campus. There are very few records available in the archives about club activity. Throughout the early 2000s, BSA  replaced BDAG as the organizer of We Speak, an annual performance during Black History Month. 


February 18, 2000. front. Carleton celebrates Black History Month. 

February 9, 2001. front. Auburn University professor Georgette Norman addresses Carleton's multiculturalism. 

May 18, 2001. page 6. Raising awareness about racism. 

February 6, 2004. page 6. Celebrating community and promoting diolouge during Black History Month at Carleton. 

February 8, 2008. page 3. "Boots" Riley brings hip-hop activism for Black History Month. 

April 24, 2009. page 9. Step it up and dance!

October 9, 2009. page 9. Why don't white students think they can join BSA? 

April 30, 2010. page 2. BSA sponsors Step It Up & Dance featuring professional groups. 

March 1, 2013. front. Remembrance, reflection at Black History Month service. 

February 24, 2017. page 4. Black Student Alliance We Speak event honors Black History Month. 

May 5, 2017. page 3. Oles, Carls unite to combat racist incidents.

February 22, 2019. front. Frist Africana Studies week held, daily community events celebrate & educate about pan-African culture.  

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