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Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Selected reference works, electronic resources, and Web sites concerning film history, theory, and criticism.

Cinema Pressbooks: Introduction

Cinema pressbooks are primary resource materials originally distributed to cinema owners and the mass media with the intent of publicizing a specific motion picture. They often contained technical descriptions and synopses of a film, brief biographies of and interviews with the film's stars, advertisement and poster designs, still photographs, and suggestions for effective promotion of the film. Today, pressbooks have been replaced by the electronic press kit which includes behind-the-scenes footage from the film and videotaped interviews with the stars but will often contain the same kind of printed synopses, biographies and interviews, and still photographs that a pressbook might have contained.

The Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections microfilm contains 1700 pressbooks from three studios and covers the years of transition from silent to talking pictures through the "Golden Era" of Hollywood filmmaking.

The Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections microfilm collection is comprised of four sub-collections: Warner Bros. sound features, 1927 to 1949; Warner Bros. silent features, 1922 to 1929; Monogram Pictures, 1937 to 1946; and United Artists (including Eagle Lion Films), 1919 to 1949. Click the Microform Collections tab above to find film titles and reel numbers for pressbooks included in the collection (use command-F to search on the page). A complete, alphabetical index of all film titles included in the collection is available at the publisher's Web site.

Warner Bros. Silent Features, 1922 to 1929

Reel 20

Abraham Lincoln
Across The Atlantic
Across The Pacific
American Beauty
Babe Comes Home
Back Pay
Being Respectable
The Better 'Ole'
The Black Diamond Express
Bobbed Hair
Bright Lights
Broadway Nights
The Bush Leaguer
The Butter and Egg Man
The Canyon of Adventure
The Careless Age
Children of the Ritz
Clothes Make The Pirate
Code of the Scarlet
College Lovers
The College Widow
Companionate Marriage
Conductor 1492
The Crystal Cup
Dance Magic
The Dancer of Paris
Dancing Vienna
Dark Streets
The Dark Swan
The Desert Flower
The Devil's Saddle
The Divine Lady
Do Your Duty
The Drop Kick
Easy Pickings
Ella Cinders
Eve's Lover
The Far Cry
Fast Life
Find Your Man
Fine Clothes
Finger Prints
Flaming Youth
Flying Romeos
Footlights and Fools
For the Love of Mike
The Forward Pass
French Dressing
Frivolous Sal
The Furies
The Gay Old Bird
George Washington Jr.
The Gilded Highway
The Girl from Woolworths

Reel 21

The Girl in the Glass Cage
Ginsberg The Great
The Glorious Trail
The Golden Cocoon
The Great Deception
The Greater Glory
Gun Gospel
The Halfway Girl
Hard Boiled Haggerty
Hard To Get
Haunted Gold
The Haunted House
The Hawk's Nest
The Head Man
The Heart of a Follies Girl
The Heart of Maryland
Heart to Heart
Her Husband's Secret
Her Temporary Husband
Her Wild Oat
High Hat
High Steppers
His Captive Woman
The Hometowners
The Honeymoon Express
Hot Stuff
The Hottentot
The House of Horror
How Baxter Butted In
How To Educate a Wife
Husbands and Lovers
I Want My Man
If I Marry Again
In The Next Room
Into Her Kingdom
Irish Hearts
The Isle of Lost ships
It Must Be Love
Jaws of Steel
Just Another Blonde
Kid Gloves
The Knockout
Ladies at Play
The Land Beyond the Law
The Lawless Legion
The Life of Riley
Lilac Time
Lilies of the Field
Little Johnny Jones
Lonesome Ladies
Lost at the Front
Love and The Devil
The Love Mart
The Love Racket
The Lunatic at Large
The Little Irish Girl
Little Johnny Jones
The Little Snob
Loose Ankles
The Love Toy
Lovers Lane
Lucretia Lombard
Mad Hour
Main Street
The Making of O'Malley
The Man and the Moment

Reel 22

Man Crazy
The Man on the Box
The Man Upstairs
The Man Without a Conscience
The Marriage Whirl
The Masked Woman
McFadden's Flats
Memory Lane
Men of Steel
Midnight Lovers
Miss Nobody
Mlle Modiste
A Most Immoral Lady
Murder Will Out
My Official Wife
My Wife and I
Naughty Baby
Naughty But Nice
The Necessary Evil
New Commandment
The Night Cry
The Night Watch
No, No, Nanette
No Place to Go
The Notorious Lady
Oh Kay!
Oh! What a Nurse!
The Old Swimmin Hole
Oliver Twist
On Thin Ice
One Night At Susies
One Way Street
One Year To live
Orchids and Ermine
The Other Tomorrow
Out of the Ruins
The Overland Stage
The Place that Thrills
The Painted Angel
Pals First
The Passionate Quest
The Perfect Sap
The Phantom City
The Pleasure Buyers
The Poor Nut
The Prince of Headwaiters
The Prince of Tempters
The Printer's Devil
The Reckless Lady
Red Hot Tires
The Red Raiders
A Reno Divorce
Rose of the Golden West
Rose of the World
The Royal Rider
Sailor's Wives
Sally Sandra
Satan in Sables
Saturday's Children
The Savage
The Scarlet Saint

Reel 23

Scarlet Seas
The Scarlet West
The Sea Tiger
See You In Jail
Senor Daredevil
Seven Footprints to Satan
The Silent Lover
Silken Shackles
The Silver Slave
Slightly Used
Smile Brother Smile
Smiling Irish Eyes
Somewhere in Sonora
Song of the Flame
The Sporting Lover
The Stolen Bride
The Strange Case of Captain Ramper
Strictly Modern
Subway Sadie
The Sunset Derby
Sweet Daddies
Sweethearts and Wives
Syncopating Sue
Synthetic Sin
The Talker
The Tender Hour
The Tenth Woman
A Texas Steer
This Woman
Three-Rinq Marriage
3 Women
The Tie That Binds
Too Much Money
Tracked By the Police
Tracked in the Snow
Two Weeks Off
The Unguarded Hour
The Unknown Cavalier
Untamed Africa
The Upland Rider
The Valley of the Giants
Vamping Venus
The Wagon Show
The Way of All Men
We Moderns
Weary River
Wedding Rings
What Every Girl Should Know
What Fools Men
The Wheel of Chance
Where The North Begins
While London Sleeps
The Whip
The Whip Woman
White Flannels
The White Monkey
Why Be Good
The Widow From Chicago
The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted
The Wilderness Woman
Winds of Change
The Wise Guy
The Woman on the Jury
The Yellow Lily
Young Nowheres
Your Best Friend