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Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Selected reference works, electronic resources, and Web sites concerning film history, theory, and criticism.

Cinema Pressbooks: Introduction

Cinema pressbooks are primary resource materials originally distributed to cinema owners and the mass media with the intent of publicizing a specific motion picture. They often contained technical descriptions and synopses of a film, brief biographies of and interviews with the film's stars, advertisement and poster designs, still photographs, and suggestions for effective promotion of the film. Today, pressbooks have been replaced by the electronic press kit which includes behind-the-scenes footage from the film and videotaped interviews with the stars but will often contain the same kind of printed synopses, biographies and interviews, and still photographs that a pressbook might have contained.

The Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections microfilm contains 1700 pressbooks from three studios and covers the years of transition from silent to talking pictures through the "Golden Era" of Hollywood filmmaking.

The Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections microfilm collection is comprised of four sub-collections: Warner Bros. sound features, 1927 to 1949; Warner Bros. silent features, 1922 to 1929; Monogram Pictures, 1937 to 1946; and United Artists (including Eagle Lion Films), 1919 to 1949. Click the Microform Collections tab above to find film titles and reel numbers for pressbooks included in the collection (use command-F to search on the page). A complete, alphabetical index of all film titles included in the collection is available at the publisher's Web site.

Many Pressbooks Now Available Online!

United Artists (including Eagle Lion), 1919-1949

Reel 26

Abie's Irish Rose
Abilene Town
About Face
Abraham Lincoln
Abroad with Two Yanks
Action For Slander
Adventures of Casanova
The Adventures of Don Coyote
The Adventures of Gallant Bess
The Adventures of Marco Polo
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Adventuress
Advice to The Lovelorn
The Affairs of Cellini
Africa Screams
The Age for Love
All-American Coed
The Amateur Gentleman
The Amazing Mr. Beecham
The Amazing Mr. X
American Empire
Angel on my Shoulder
The Angry God
Appointment With Murder
Argyle Secrets
Around the World in 80 Minutes
As You Like It
Assigned to Danger
The Awakening
The Bachelor's Daughter
The Bad One
The Bat
The Bat Whispers
The Battle Cry of China: 'Kukan'
The Battle of the Sexes
Be Yourself

Reel 27

Behind Locked Doors
The Beloved Rogue
The Big Fin
The Big Wheel
The Birth of a Nation
Bitter Sweet
Black Hills
Black Magic
The Black Pirate
Blanche Fury
Blonde Ice
Blonde Savage
Blood Money
Blood on the Sun
Body and Soul
Border Feud
Border Outlaws
Border Patrol
Born to be Bad
Born to Speed
The Bowery
Boy From Indiana
Breakfast in Hollywood
Brewster's Millions
Bride of Frankenstein
Broadway Thru a Keyhole
Broken Blossoms
Bronco Buckaroos
Brooklyn Orchid
Bulldog Drummond
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Buckskin Frontier
Bury Me Dead
Canon City
Captain Kidd
Captain Scarlett
Carnegie Hall
The Chase

Reel 28

Check Your Guns
Cheers for Miss Bishop
Cheyenne Takes Over
Christmas Eve
A Chump at Oxford
City Lights
The Cobra Strikes
Cock of The Air
Colonel Blimp
Congress Dances
Conspiracy in Teheran
The Corsican Brothers
Count of Monte Cristo
Cover Up
The Crooked Way
Cry Murder
Crystal Ball
Dangerous Venture
The Daring Caballero
Dark Journey
Dark Waters
Daughter of the West
The Death of a Dream
Delightfully Dangerous
Destination Moon
The Devil Dancer
The Devil on Wheels
The Devil to Pay
The Devil With Hitler
The Devil's Playground
Diary of a Chambermaid
Dishonored Lady
The Divorce of Lady X
A Dolls House
Don't Hook Now
Don't Trust Your Husband
The Dove
Dream Street
Dreaming Lips

Reel 29

Drums of Love
Du Barry, Woman of Passion
Dudes are Pretty People
The Eagle
Easy Money
Emperor Jones
The Enchanted Valley
Eternal Love
Eternally Yours
Eye Witness
The Eyes of the World
The Fabulous Dorseys
Fall In
Farewell Again
Federal Man
52nd Street
The Fighting Stallion
The Fighting Vigilantes
Flying With Music
Fool's Gold
For You I Die
Forbidden Jungle
Foreign Correspondent
Four Faces West
Four Feathers
Friendly Enemies
The Front Page
Fun on a Weekend
The Gaiety Girls
Gallant Lady
The Garden of Eden
Garrison's Finish
Gas House Kids Go West
Gas House Kids in Hollywood
The Gaucho
The Gay Amigo
The General
A Gentleman After Dark
Getting Gertie's Garter
Ghost Town Renegades
The Girl From Manhattan
The Girl I Loved

Reel 30

The Glass Mountain
The Gold Rush
The Golden Gloves Story
Golden Salamander
The Goldwyn Follies
The Great Dan Patch
The Great Dictator
The Great John L.
The Great Rupert
The Greeks Had a Word For Them
Green For Danger
Guest in the House
Guest Wife
Guilty of Treason
The Hairy Ape
Hal Roach Comedy Carnival
Hallelujah I'm a Bum
Hangmen Also Die
The Hawk of Powder River
Hay Foot
He Walked By Night
Hell Harbor
Heading For Heaven
Heaven Only Knows
Hell's Angels
Hi Diddle Diddle
High Fury
High Lonesome
The Hill Billy
Hired Wife
Hold That Ghost
Hollow Triumph/The Scar
Home of The Brave
The Hoodlum
Hopalong Cassidy
Hoppy Serves a Writ
Hoppy's Holiday
The House Across The Bay
The House of Rothschild

Reel 31

The Hurricane
I Accuse
I Cover The Waterfront
I Killed Geronimo
I Met My Love Again
I Stand Condemned
I'll Be Seeing You
In This Corner
An Innocent Affair
International Lady
The Iron Mask
The Iron Trail
Isn't Life Wonderful
It Happened Tomorrow
It's a Joke, Son
It's a Small World
It's in the Bag
The Jackie Robinson Story
The Joe Louis Story
Johnny Come Lately
Johnny in the Clouds
Jump For Glory
Jungle Book
Just William's Luck
The Kansan
The Kid From Spain
Kid Millions
Kill Or Be Killed
Killer at Large
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Kings Of The Olympics
A Kiss For Corliss
Kit Carson
Lady At Midnight
Lady of Burlesque/Guest in the House
Lady of the Pavements
Laff Time/Here Comes Trouble/Who Killed 'Doc' Robbin

Reel 32

The Last Gentleman
The Last of the Mohicans
Law of the Lash
The Leather Burners
Let's Live a Little
A Letter From Home
Linda Be Good
The Lion Has Wings
Little Iodine
The Locked Door
Looking For Trouble
Lost Canyon
Lost Honeymoon
Lottery Bride
The Love Flower
Love Happy
The Love of Sunya
Loving Lies
The Lucky Stiff
The McGuerins from Brooklyn
The Macomber Affair
Mad Wednesday
The Magic Flame
Magic Night
The Man From Texas
The Man In The Iron Mask
Man of Evil
The Marauders
The Mark of Zorro
The Masquerader
The Melody Lingers On
The Mighty Barnum
Million Dollar Weekend
Miss Annie Rooney
Miss Polly
Mr. Ace
Mr. Emmanuel

Reel 33

Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mister V
Mrs. Mike
Modern Times
The Mollycoddle
Money Madness
Monsieur Verdoux
Montana Mike
Moulin Rouge
Murder on Diamond Row
My Best Girl
My Dear Secretary
My Outlaw Brother
My Son My Son
Native Son
Never Fear
New Orleans
New Wine
New York Nights
Niagara Falls
A Night in Casablanca
The Night of Love
No More Women
The Noose Hangs High
Northwest Stampede
Nothing Sacred
The Nut
The October Man
Of Mice and Men
An Old-Fashioned Girl
Olympic Cavalcade
The Olympic Games of 1948
On Our Merry Way
One Exciting Night
One Heavenly Night
One of Our Aircraft is Missing
One Rainy Afternoon
One Romantic Night
Open Secret

Reel 34

Orphans of the Storm
The Other Love
Our Daily Bread
Our Town
Out of The Blue
Outpost in Morocco
Over the Moon
Palmy Days
Parole, Inc.
Partners Again - With Potash & Perlmutter
Pastor Hall
Perfect Understanding
The Perfect Woman
Philo Vance Returns
Philo Vance's Gamble
Philo Vance's Secret Mission
Pioneer Justice
The Plot to Kill Roosevelt
Pot O' Gold
Prairie Chickens
Prairie Outlaws
Prehistoric Women
Prison Without Bars
The Private Affairs of Bel Ami
The Private Life of Don Juan
The Private Life of Henry VIII
Project X
The Prowler
Puttin' on The Ritz
Queen for a Day
Range Beyond the Blue
Raw Deal
Reaching For the Moon
The Real Glory
The Red House
Red Light

Reel 35

Red River
Red Stallion
Reign of Terror/The Black Book
The Rescue
The Return of Rin Tin Tin
Return of The Lash
The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel
Rogue River
Roman Scandals
Romeo and Juliet
The Ruling Passion
The Runaway Queen
Sadie Thompson
Sally of the Sawdust
Salt to The Devil
Saps at Sea
Satan's Cradle
A Scandal in Paris
The Scarf
Scott of The Antartic
Search For Danger
Sensations of 1945
Seven Sinners
She Goes To War
Shed No Tears
Ships With Wings
The Silver Lining
Silver Queen
Since You Went Away
Siren of Atlantis
Sky Devils
Sleep My Love

Reel 36

Slightly Honorable
The Smugglers
So Ends Our Night
So This Is New York
Somewhere in France
The Son of Monte Cristo
Sorrell and Son
South of Pago Pago
South Riding
The Southerner
Stage to Mesa City
State Department File 649
Steamboat Bill, Jr.
Stella Dallas (Henry King Production)
Stella Dallas (Samuel Goldwyn Production)
Stork Bites Man
Storm in a Teacup Story of G.I. Joe
The Strange Mrs. Crane
The Strange Woman
The Struggle
Summer Storm
The Sundowners
Susie Steps Out
Sutter's Gold
Sword of The Avenger
Take My Life
Taming of The Shrew
Tanks A Million
Taxi Mister
Tess of the Storm Country
Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven
That Uncertain Feeling

Reel 37

They Shall Have Music
The Thief of Bagdad
This is Heaven
Three Cockeyed Sailors
3 is a Family
Three Live Ghosts
Three On a Ticket
The 3 Passions
Three Russian Girls
Tillie's Punctured Romance
Timber Fury
The Time of Your Life
The Tioga Kid
To Be or Not To Be
Tomorrow The World
Too Late For Tears
Too Many Winners
Topper Returns
Topsy and Eva
The Torch
Tornado Range
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round
The Trespasser
Twin Beds
Two Arabian Knights
Two Lost Worlds
Two Lovers
Undercover Man
The Underworld Story
Unexpected Guest
The Unholy Garden
Untamed Fury
Up in Mabel's Room
The Valiant Hombre
Vice Squad
The Vicious Circle
Vogues of 1938
Walter Lantz (Cartoons)
West To Glory
The Westerner
The Westward Trail

Reel 38

What a Widow!
When The Clouds Roll By
When Thief Meets Thief
Whispering City
Whistle Stop
The White Rose
White Zombie
Whose Germany?
Wild Country
The Winslow Boy
Winter Carnival
Without Honor
Woman Chases Man
The Woman Disputed
The World In Action (Series)
Wuthering Heights
Yes, Mr Brown
Young and Willing
The Young Lovers