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Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Selected reference works, electronic resources, and Web sites concerning film history, theory, and criticism.

Box Office Statistics

Though box office grosses are based on ticket sales information collected by independent organizations, the published numbers are typically self-reported by film distributors and thus should not be trusted as 100% reliable. Movie budget information is almost always self-reported and estimated and may or may not include the costs of distribution and marketing and other ancillary costs. Movie studios may report a very small budget for a big hit to make it look like they made "something out of nothing" or may report a very large budget for a very lavish super-production (or large budget numbers may be leaked and reported by others in order to mock a flop). The general point here is that financial statistics in the movie business should always be considered more as signifiers of power in the industry and less as objective measurements.

Other Industry Statistics