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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton


1994/1995, 1997 - Present 

This cultural house is currently located in Hall House. The first Asian cultural house was formed in 1994 as the Japanese House, which on existed for a year. In 1997, ASIA cultural house formed and would continue to occupy Hunt Cottage and Hall House into the present day. In 2023, the house changed its name to Cultural House for Asian Identities or CHAI. The most recent Student Life and Housing Plan calls for the demolition of Hall House so this interest house is temporarily moving to Jewett House for the 2023/24 school year before settling in a brand new house sometime in the mid-2020s. 

Year Name Location
1994/1995 Japanese House Unknown 
1997/1998 Asia House  Unknown
1998/1999 - 2010/2011 Asia House  Hunt Cottage 
2011/2012 - 2022/2023 Asia House Hall House 
2023/2024 - Present Cultural House for Asian Identities (CHAI)  Jewett House 



February 26, 1998. front. College charters culture houses. 

October 22, 1998. front. New interest houses educate and entertain. 

February 6, 2004. page 3. Carleton celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year in style. 

October 23, 2009. page 3. Get Interested: an Asian diaspora.