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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Latin American Student Organizations

International Hispanic students began attending Carleton in the 1920s but it was not until the 1970s that the population of Latin American students grew, the Latin American studies department was established, and the first student organization for Latin American students, LATINO was established. At the same time, Amigos de las Americas was established at Carleton but focused mainly on encouraging students to travel and volunteer in Latin America. LATINO would continue through a number of reorganizations and name changes before becoming LASO (Latin American Student Organization) which continues to this day. Currently, LASO is involved in running a cultural house, La Casa del Sol, as well as an annual celebration of Latin American culture at the Latin Spring Week. 

1971 - 1987

Amigos de las Americas 

1971 - 1972 Latin American Interest Housing 
1971 - 1980  LATINO 
1976 - Present  Spanish Language Housing 
1977 - Present  Latin Spring Week
1977 - 1980

Los Amigos 

1980 - 1985  LATINO/Los Amigos 
1987 - Present  Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
1994 - Present  Casa Del Sol