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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Anti-Apartheid Committee (AAC)

Coalition of Responsible Investment (CRI)         

Or Student Committee for Responsible Investment (SCRI)          1978 - 1989

South African Awareness                                                                 1985 - 1987

Anti-Apartheid Committee (AAC)                                                     1990 - 1994

Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC)                    2004 - 2015 

Established in 1978 as the Coalition for Responsible Investment (CRI) or the Committee on Social Responsibility in Investment (SARI) this joint committee of students and trustees was charged with monitoring Carleton’s investments and making recommendations to keep them in line with the values of the school. Rechartered in 1990 as the Anti-Apartheid Committee (AAC), the group pivoted to focus on all aspects of anti-apartheid work beyond just divestment. The group was not active long, with apartheid ending with the formation of a democratic government in South Africa in 1994.  The Carleton Responsible Investment Committee was reactivated in the early 2000s with a renewed focus on institutional investments relating to climate change and social issues.

Office of Multicultural Affairs 

  • Committee on South Africa 1990

  • Board of Trustees Notices, Letters 1989

  • Divestment Issue (Carletonian about trustees discussing diversity and divestment)



April 4, 1986. front. Trustee speaks out: Divestment issue won't go away. 

February 12, 1988. page 5. CRI urges stricter adherence to divestment policy. 

May 12, 1989. page 5. Lewis explicates South African investment policy. 

February 9, 1990. page 5. Despite changes, divestment still needed. 

April 13, 1990. page 2. Senate rejects AAC charter, funds Earthday and Rotblatt. 

April 20, 1990. front. AAC begins activities. 

April 20, 1990. page 3. Apartheid Day will broaden the campus' perspective. 

May 4, 1990. page 7. Fear of racist backlash prompted change in Apartheid Day. 

November 11, 2005. front. CRIC advises college on responsible investing. 

April 12, 2013. page 4. Carlton's Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) promotes, protects Carleton's values.