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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton


These are some of the resources used to compile this guide that we recommend as resources for additional research. 

Carleton College Archives


Digitally Accessible Items

Search only digitally accessible images in the Carleton College Archives.


CSA Budgets

The student organization budget is laid out every year showing which groups received funding. This is a good tool to assess club activity, but inactivity does not necessarily indicate a defunct club. Records not digitized. 


Student Handbook 

Lists organizations with offices or on-campus presence. Some organizations active on campus are not listed in the official list of organizations. Records not digitized. 


Digital Collections Repository 

Some collections in the archive are entirely digitized and searchable through our digital collections repository. Be aware that select collections are only digitally accessible while on campus. Available publications include:

  • Zoobooks (first-year photo books) 
  • Algols (student yearbooks) 
  • Voice Alumni Magazine
  • Academic Catalogs 
  • News Releases


The Carleton student newspaper often reported on the formation of new organizations or events held by those organizations. The Carletonian is completely digitized and searchable through its own archive, or for more recent editions, on the paper's front page. 


Home for all active Carleton Student Organizations as of 2021. All currently active organizations have a home page with a brief description, photo, and membership information. 

Wayback Machine has been archived on the Wayback Machine since the early 2000s. Enter in the search bar and discover what the site looked like over the last 30 years!