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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Carleton Gospel Choir

Voices of Inspiration and Christian Englightenment (V.O.I.C.E)        1986 - 1993

Carleton Gospel Choir                                                                            2000 - 2005 

This gospel choir was open to any Carleton students with a focus on Black religious traditions and music. Active between 1986 the gospel choir tradition was restarted in 2000 as the Carleton Gospel Choir, which was open to students of any background. 

Not to be confused with Voice Magazine, a publication for alumni and supporters, or Voice of the Struggle, the SOUL publication,  or Project Voice, a 2010s poetry group.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Office of Multicultural Affairs - Student Organizations - VOICE 

  • 1990-199

  • General Information

  • Voices of Inspiration and Christian Enlightenment


February 9, 1990. page 7. V.O.I.C.E Gospel choir revives black church tradition.