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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Black Student Organizations

The first Black student enrolled in Carleton was Franklin B. McDaniel, who in 1874 was a student in the preparatory academy for two years. The preparatory academy taught a few Black students including the first Black woman at Carleton, Angelina Weld Grimke. In 1949, the first Black student, Alvis Lee Tinnin, graduated from Carleton with a degree in English. Following him, throughout the 1950s a few Black students could be found every few years in Carleton's overwhelmingly White student body. Changes started in the 1960s when admissions started to actively seek and enroll Black students. This effort was aided in 1964 when Carleton received a Rockefeller grant with the express purpose of growing the Black student population on campus. With a growth in the student population, came new student organizations to support the Black community and challenge racism on campus. The 1970s continued this trend, further expanding the Black population of Carleton and Black student organizations. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, after the Rockefeller grant ended, the number of Black students dropped and varied under different admissions strategies and policies. Some student organizations continue to work on campus supporting the Black community. 

Organizations for which the archive contains a wealth of information have received their own pages here, while other important organizations which have limited documentation are featured on the "Additional Black Student Organization" page. 

1967 - 1968  Negro Affairs Committee (NAC)
1968 - 1997  Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation (SOUL)
1968 - 1972  Black Dada Nihilismus 
1970 - 1976 Black House 
1971 - 1982  Inspirational Movement
1972 - 1974 Black Repertory Theater (BRT)
1972 - 1985  Black Christian Organization of Carleton
1972 - Present  Black History Month 
1973 - 1974  Black Muslims 
1974 - 1996  Black Dramatic Arts Group (BDAG) 
1976 - 2016 Ebony II 
1977 - 1987 Third World Women Coalition (TWWC) 
1977, 1978, 1981 Voice of the Struggle 
1986 - 1993 V.O.I.C.E 
1987 - 2005 Coalition of Women of Color (COWOC)
1988 - Present  Freedom House
1989 - 2017  We Speak 
1990 - 1991  Carleton Men of African Descent 
1994 - Present Carleton Men of Color 
1999 - Present  Black Student Association
2000 - 2005  Carleton Gospel Choir 
2004 - 2006  Umoja 
2004 - 2015 African Student Association (AFRISA) 
2005 - 2009 Club Caribe
2005 - 2007  Black Queer Alliance
2013 - Present Afro-Caribbean Club (ACA) 
2013 - Present  QTBIPOC 
2017 - Present  Women of Color Plus (WOC+) 
2020 - Present  Black Student Athletes of Carleton