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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Civil Rights Committee


Established in 1947, CSA formed this committee after President Truman created the Committee on Civil Rights. The group capitalized on interest in civil rights work by organizing a dance, advocating for legislation, and hosting community talks. The organization continued to be active on campus for a few years, although considerably less engaged with fewer events.


May 22, 1948. page 3. Student Body Approves Civil Rights Committee. 

September 25, 1948. front. Appoint Five Carls to Civil Rights Group.

October 9, 1948. page 2. Civil Rights Committee Starts Campus Projects. 

October 23, 1948. page 2. Civil Rights Issue Draws Requests For Speakers. 

November 6, 1948. front. Civil Rights Stamp Offers Folk Singing. 

January 15, 1949. page 2. Mankato Host To Civil Rights Group; Considers Human Relations Club. 

February 19, 1949. page 2. Mead Backs FEPC Bill Before State Committee. 

April 30, 1949. page 3. College Groups Meet to Promote Civil Rights. 

September 24, 1949. page 6. Sketch Doings Of Ten Student Organizations. 

October 22, 1949. page 2. Should Civil Rights Group Go?

November 12, 1949. page 2. Views Differ On Civil Rights.