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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

Minority Student Pre-Health Coalition

Third World Pre-Med Association                              1972 - 1983 

Minority Students Pre-Health Coalition (MSPC)       2004-2014

Carleton Pre-Health Association                                2014 - Present 

Established in 1972 with other pre-professional organizations, this association aimed to prepare students of color for medical careers. Like the Minority Pre-Med association, the Minority Students Pre-Health Coalition was created to support students from minority backgrounds to enter the medical field. Presently, the organization goes by Carleton Pre-Health Association and does not focus on students of a particular background.


January 25, 1973. front. Sickle Cell Tests Find Nine Carriers. 

October 3, 1974. page 6. "Where do we go from here?". 

October 24, 1980. page 5. Pre-med group visits Mayo. 

May 21, 2004. front. Demand Diversity Day focuses on race, health.