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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

We are Together Vigil

October 23, 1987 

The We are Together Vigil was organized in conjunction with a number of different student groups including SOUL, LASO, and, ASIA. The event took place in Sayles-Hill with speakers, readings, and other events happening over a 24-hour period. This vigil inspired a new wave of social justice work and civil rights movements on campus.


Office of Multicultural Affairs - Student Organizations - We are Together

  • Vigil 1987


October 30, 1987. front. 24 hour vigil celebrates people of color. 

January 22, 1988. front. Lewis launches programs in response to vigil concerns. 

October 21, 1988. front. Multicultural issues reviewed one year after Vigil.