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Carleton College Archives: History of BIPOC Student Organizations at Carleton

La Casa Del Sol

1971/1972, 1976-1979, 1983 - Present

Like other interest houses, Casa Del Sol has existed on and off since the 1970s under a number of different names and in different locations. A Spanish language interest house has also been a common campus feature since the 1970s focusing on Spanish language immersion and sometimes, in partnership with LASO, creating a cultural space for Latin American students on campus. In 1994/1995, a cultural house was established under the name "La Raza" while the Spanish language house continued to exist separately. Since then the house has changed its name to La Casa Del Sol or just Casa, and the language portion was moved into Parish House with other language programs. With the most recent Student Life and Housing Plan including the demolition of Hunt Cottage, Casa Del Sol is temporarily moving into Stimson House for the 2023/24 school year before settling into a brand new house sometime in the mid-2020s. 


Year Name  Location
1971/1972 Latin American Interest  2nd Watson 
1976/1977 Spanish House  Prentice House
1977/1978 Spanish House  Prentice House 
1978/1979 Spanish House  Unknown
1983/1984 Spanish House Wilson House 
1984/1985 Spanish House  Prentice or Wilson 
1985/1986  Spanish House  Prentice House
1986/1987 Spanish House  Huntington House 
1987/1988 Spanish House  Berg House 
1988/1989 - 1993/1994 Spanish House  Benton House 
1994/1995  La Raza Cultural House  Unknown
  Spanish Language House  Unknown 
1995/1996  Cultural House  Douglas House 
  Spanish Language House  Unknown 
1996/1997 Cultural House  Douglas House 
1996/1997 - 2022/2023 Multi-Language House Parish House
1997/1998 Casa Del Sol  Watson House 
1998/1999 - 2010/2011 Casa Del Sol Hall House 
2011/2012 - 2022/2023 Casa Del Sol Hunt Cottage 
2023/2024 Casa Del Sol Stimson House 


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